Background Check System Documentation: System Configuration, Deployment, and Technical Design

Detailed technical documentation has been prepared for the core background check system (BCS). This documentation falls into three categories: (1) configuration guides that are used in the requirements gathering process so that the core system can be configured to meet each States needs; (2) deployment guides that provide the information and instructions State staff need to deploy the BCS in the State's own hosting environment; and (3) technical design guides that provide information on a variety of system design topics.

This page will be updated as additional technical documents become available and as current documents are revised.

Information on Customizable User Guides is also available on this site.

Configuration Guides
Deployment Guides
Technical Design Guides

Configuration Guides

Configuration Settings *in review
Database Configuration

Deployment Guides

Database and Application Deployment
Database Installation
Integration Installation
.Net 4.0 Framework Verification
Internet Information Services (IIS) Installation Verification
Database Encryption

Technical Design Guides

Notifications Database
BcsHost and BcsClient Use in Integration
Report Standards
Data Sanitization
Separation of Concerns Using the Decorator Pattern
Task Service and Task Items
User Interface Coding Tools
Data Validation
Database Design
System Security Features
Technical Architecture Specification